Jin Dyson

Jin is the leader and first member of the Holy Armed Interventions testament. Anointed by the Holy Vatican order, Jin's mission along with the other members of H.A.I.T is the elimination of all Vampires.

Jin is gruff and unfriendly, disposing of niceties and always speaking his mind.
He possesses a deep hatred for Vampires and hunts them ruthlessly. 

Powers & Abilities:
Jin possesses a cyber-genetically enhanced body, equipped with holy armor. He is able to summon a barrage of blessed energy swords; thus allowing him to shoot them towards his opponent.
He is also equipped with dual long swords for hand to hand combat however his greatest ability lies within his left eye.
When Jin removes his mask, he reveals the left eye of the Oracle, a Vampire known to have premonition-like abilities.
This enables Jin to see 4 seconds into the future of any Vampires movements, making him extremely dangerous.