Jet lives in a small town by the name of Chedda in Fel Bara and spends much of his time in Stafall Forest.
Jet is a side character, however he plays a crucial role throughout the later parts of the Millennium Exile story.

 Jet is extremely casual and lacks any kind of formality with a blatant disregard for rules. He lives off the land, and will help those in need however he makes it his policy to avoid using his powers for the gain of others. He also enjoys hip-hop music and break-dancing, often using these moves during combat.

Powers & Abilities: 
Although he does not posses the meister genome,  Jet is an Arc and holds two Relics. 
The "Bracer's of Iron: 
Four powerful gauntlets found on each of his limbs. These gauntlets give him the ability to greatly alter his strength and speed.

The Onyx Stone:
A powerful Relic that gives Jet the power to control the Rock element. Weather it be covering his body in solid stone, manipulating the battlefield to his advantage or even summoning giant Golems, Jet has it covered.