Hunter used to be a combatant, fighting in the military during the second great meister war. When the war came to an end, he found himself recruited into GRAVE by none other than Vaan himself. 
Years later Hunter would go on to find a young Zero, orphaned and living in the forests.
He adopted Zero and raised him as his own son, teaching him about machines.

Hunter now serves as the head of research and development and GRAVES top mechanic. 

Although incredibly strong and good with his fists, Hunter prefers the company of machines. He is well versed in technology and enjoys the art of creating something from nothing.
He is something of a gentle giant; large in stature but kind at heart.

Powers & Abilities:
Hunter was born with the melee meister genome as as such, has an incredible strength. His combat prowess is legendary and often uses his giant shifter as a weapon when forced to fight. He often takes the time to train new GRAVE recruits, giving them the "tough love" approach.