Clough is the first host of the Wrath 1 thousand years ago. Upon unlocking the Wrath's sinsiter power, Clough lost control of his actions, his mind regressing to a thoughtless state and allowing the Wrath to run rampart.

An unintended side effect was that anyone who fuses completely with the Wrath will have their life-force and spirit joined to it upon their demise. Although Clough was separated from the Wrath physically when the Lance of Longinus pierced him; his spirit remained.

Clough now appears in a spiritual form in order to guide Vincent in the use of the Wrath in order to avoid another Sable Fall.

Clough is serious and strong in nature but kind and generous.

Powers & Abilities:
Clough was also the very first Lord of the Melee meister class, displaying the same extreme physical strength that Vincent now possesses.