Clay was raised on the streets along with his best friend Setsuna, the two being inseparable.
They would often use their meister abilities for non violent robberies, theft and even street performances.
One day Clay and Setsuna attempted to pickpocket Vaan without knowing who Vaan was at the time.
Their attempts were met with their own goods being lifted without their knowledge.
Vaan saw potential in the two blood brothers and decided to put their talents to better use than street magic and mischief.

Clay is a cocky smooth talker, he is charismatic overly confident in his abilities.
He loves the ladies and is often distracted by their beauty. Clay is a born showman and enjoys to “wow” both the general public and his opponents alike.

Powers & Abilities:
Clay is a mage class Meister and therefore is able to cast magics in order to do battle. However, as Clay enjoys performing street magic, he primarily uses playing cards and other various tricks to do battle.