Chrono The Five Blades
(Alan Harding)

Alan Harding was a highly regarded hit-man working in Brizden, often hired by criminal organisations of the underworld. Eventually his skills attracted the attention of Nexus, and he was subjected to the inhumane experiments of the Mardock Trials. The trials were specifically for children development however Alan's heartlessness and lust for death made him a noteworthy candidate. Alan succeeded where Lan had failed, with the final serum taking and removing all traces of his humanity. 

Alan was stripped of his name and given the code-name: Chrono The Five Blades.

Chrono is devoid of any real personality, with only his lust for battle showing through. He is a loyal soldier and will complete any task given to him, even at the cost of his life.
His inhumane persona and deadly skill set and enthusiasm makes Chrono a force to be reckoned with.

Powers & Abilities:
Having been wildly successful throughout the Mardock Trials, his body was further genetically enhanced. Chrono's blood contains cells from Vincent's body and thus, he possesses all of Vincent's melee class strength and abilities. Red lines are permanently marked along his skin as a sign of a pseudo melee Overdrive, and his hair pure white from the strain placed on his body.
Several meisters from each class were also captured, tortured and experimented on, their weapons confiscated and smelted down; creating five unique swords. These swords each contain magical properties from the five classes they were created from: Axer, Lancer, Blader, Psychic, and Mage.

With these, Chrono was given the title "Chrono the Five Blades" and known as the very first man-made meister.