Chase is yet another former member of royal guard for the late count Dracula, and swears his loyalty to the throne.
He has been Kiba’s opponent on several instances while serving the mad count - often ordered to keep the young prince in check during times of disobedience. However, after Dracula’s defeat, Chase now recognizes Kiba as the rightful successor to the throne and serves from within the Lineage Clan.

Chase comes across as something of a doll, due to his emotionless, uncaring and apathetic nature. He does not talk often but when he does, everybody listens and takes his word with a high degree of value.
The only time Chase’s personality breaks from this state is when he is severely injured, at which time a creepy will smile spread across his face. Everyone who makes Chase smile dies shortly after, giving the nickname of “The Smiling Death-God”.

Powers & Abilities:
As well as possessing all vampiric traits such as overwhelming speed, regeneration and accuracy; Chase has the ability to turn invisible. While in his invisible state, Chase is able to choose what matter he interacts with, allowing him to pass through objects at will.
This allows him to leave no footprints, pass through walls, or even pass his hand through an opponents body and grabbing their heart, before solidifying his arm and crushing it.