Azuki Kanai


Azuki lives in Brizden and works an internship for a legal office in the heart of the main city. Azuki suffers from an extremely rare condition known as Barae Syndrome, which attacks the nervous system and interrupts the critical arteries supplying the spinal cord with blood-flow. This results in Azuki being bound to a wheelchair until she can undergo the extremely expensive procedure to fix her condition.

Azuki is a very soft and kind-hearted person. She loves animals and often enjoys practicing her photography.
She is extremely loyal and trustworthy, often preferring to see the good in people rather than their flaws.

Powers & Abilities:
As she does not possess the Meister genome or a relic, Azuki does not have any supernatural powers or abilities.
Although fascinated by the Meister classes, Azuki is content with who she is, and loves her life all the same.