Controlling the element of fire at will, Armistace was one of the most hunted of his kind with massive bounties placed on his head.

Thousands of years ago he was captured and experimented on in order to extract his fire manipulating abilities.
At this time, Armistace's mate, the dragon god of lightning had been captured and was experimented on and tortured in much the same way. 
Although the attempts to extract her ability was also successful, she did not survive the process and died in front of Armistace. 
In his rage, Armistace broke free, killing many of his captors and escaped to freedom. 
With both the elements of lightning and fire successfully obtained, the humans harnessed these powers into two rare crystals and fused them into one.

Armistace now lives within the Twilight forest with Doltaris under the leadership of the great Sage Dragon Baltara.

Armistace holds an incredible grudge against humanity. He has a foul temper and even less tolerance for those who would irritate him.

Powers & Abilities: 
Since being stripped of his ability to control fire, Armistace has no powers other than the accelerated healing and armored scales possessed by all dragons.