Agito Noreaga

Agito is heir to the Noreaga fortune, among one of the wealthiest families on Ryner. 
His father collected rare and ancient relics; imbued with magical powers. When Agito was 11, his family estate was attacked; his parents murdered in cold blood and his ancestral home burned to the ground by a man wielding the element of fire. The family butler assisted Agito in his escape, entrusting him with a strange crystal relic from his fathers collection. 
The crystal possessed the element of lightning was and was said to be the second half from the crystal the attacker was wearing, that when reformed; would create a powerful relic known as the Suntrider Crystal. 
Agito fled into the woods and was taken in by family friends who kept his survival a secret.

At the age of 14, Agito joined the ranks of GRAVE, using their advanced resources to seek out his family's murderer.

Despite his tragic past, Agito is fairly laid back and easy going; often joking around  in a passive aggressive and sarcastic nature. He attracts a lot of female attention with his good looks and likes things that way, always taking the time to flirt with the ladies.

Powers & Abilities:
While he does not possess the meister genome, Agito eventually claims the second crystal fragment and reforms the Suntrider crystal; bestowing him with the ability to control and manipulate the holy elements of fire and lighting.

Throughout the story, Agito encounters a member of the Lineage clan who had been critically injured. In desperation, the vampire curses Agito with his bloodline, turning him into a human / vampire hybrid.
Agito is able to shift into his Vampire mode at will, however he is not capable of using the Sunstrider crystal while in this form, as the relic's holy elemental powers burn through his body relentlessly.