Abaddon is an echo like Xarus and arrived on Ryner during the large scale invasion known as the Rapture.
He was an extremely high ranking commander within their forces and managed to survive the mass extinction of his kind.
Abaddon’s history with Xarus and Malik is a very negative one and dates back prior to their invasion of Ryner.
Xarus was suspected of being a traitor and Abaddon was in charge of his investigation. However the invasion of Ryner took place and Xarus escaped to the battlefield, running rampant and working against both sides.

Abaddon became quite infamous during the “Dark Calendar” period of Ryner’s history, known for effortlessly massacring thousands of humans and annihilating all who would hunt for him. Upon becoming the Wrath’s first host and Lord of the Melee class, Clough tracked down Abaddon in an effort to stop him. It was during this fight with Abaddon that that Cloud lost control, causing the Sable Fall.

Abaddon’s reign of terror was evantually brought to a halt one thousand years later, by a mysterious demon hunter.
He was defeated and dealt a mortal wound, however in a desperate effort to preserve his life, Abaddon entered
into the body of a small child who accompanied the hunter.
That child was Zero.
He is now locked inside the darkness of Zero’s consciousness by several holy seals…awaiting the moment when he can take advantage of Zero’s weakness and resurface once more.

Abaddon is serious and stern, with no tolerance for the weak. He is highly inelegant, patient and a brilliant strategist.

Powers & Abilities:
Being an Echo, Abaddon too possesses an affinity for devouring and the possession of other beings.
He has a devastatingly destructive amount of raw power at his fingertips and is possibly the greatest threat to all of Ryner.