Xarus is a powerful second generation demon from Hell and born under the sin of Greed. Throughout his time in Hell, Xarus began to consume his brethren; absorbing their powers in secret. 
Eventually Xarus had consumed and stored enough power to break thorough the seal between Hell and Ryner and made his escape.

Now existing on Ryner, he had to hide his presence and therefore devoured a small child and possessed his body.

Xarus runs the Nexus syndicate however in order to avoid detection from God and Satan, he used his demonic powers to create Malik.

Xarus is fierce, violent, greedy and his thirst for power unquenchable.
His goal is the total domination of Ryner.
With the armies of Heavan and Hell  only able to produce more warriors from the departed souls on Ryner; Xarus intends to control the planet as it's population is self sustaining. 

Powers & Abilities:
As he has absorbed many other demons and his powers now lying dormant within his host's body, the extent of Xarus' power is unknown. It is apparent however that he was able to create Malik; the first third generation demon ever.